Sale to Settlement

A very critical period of time in the sale of your home begins when an offer is received. My negotiating experience gained from closing hundreds of real estate transactions enables me to provide valuable assistance to you throughout each step in this important process.

  • Successfully negotiating the offer will be the first critical step in accomplishing the sale of your home. It is my obligation to help you achieve the highest and best price possible, as well as obtain conditions and terms which are most acceptable to you.
  • We will review financial qualifications of the purchaser to insure that a mortgage will be approved.
  • It is also essential at this stage that we deliver all necessary documentation related to the sales contract expeditiously.
  • A buyer will require that specific inspections be completed on your home as a condition of the agreement of sale. These inspections generally occur within 7 to 14 days of the signing of the agreement (the option period). We will coordinate these inspections consulting with both you and the buyer’s agent. Inspections may include:
    • Home Inspection
    • Water and Well Certifications
    • Septic Inspection and Certification
    • Radon Test