Interested in SAVING MONEY when selling your real estate? King Real Estate Group offers DISCOUNTED customizable listing services to their clients. This discounted listing service is a new and different style of listing service offering custom discounted commission plans designed to benefit sellers of real estate. We've saved our customers hundreds of thousands in selling costs. Example: You sell your property for $400,000. With a full service, full commission broker they can charge you up to $28,000. With King Real Estate Group’s discounted Classic listing service your fee would be $15,200 or a $12,800 SAVINGS. With our discounted full service listing you would save $8,800.

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We strive to provide the very best in service and savings for all our clients!

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About Us

Since the early 2000’s the “King Real Estate Group” name has earned recognition as being the premier marketer of properties in the metropolitan and suburban Denver areas. King Real Estate Group was founded to serve clients desiring a complete package of real estate home selling services, and soon became known as the real estate company that offers their clients marketing and commission options when it comes to selling their home.

King Real Estate Group has integrated the experience, knowledge and innovation from the most successful and innovative real estate sales models in the country into an unparalleled Colorado real estate company, King Real Estate Group with a dedicated focus on ease of home selling for Colorado home owners.

Our core system is built around the principles of organized urgency. As a home seller you can discover the ease of dealing with a client oriented firm that delivers expert marketing and buyer sourcing coupled with professional contract negotiation and closing services. Quite simply, you get one-of-a-kind, best-in-class all- encompassing suite of professional home selling services.

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