Our  negotiating experience has been gained from closing thousands of real  estate transactions which enable us to provide valuable assistance to  your institution throughout each step in this important process.

  • Successful  negotiations are a critical step in accomplishing the sale of your  asset.  It is our obligation to help you achieve the highest and best  price possible, as well as obtain conditions and terms which are most acceptable to you.
  • Our  team of professionals will review financial qualifications of the purchaser to insure that a mortgage can be approved.
  • It is essential that we deliver all necessary documentation related to the sales contract expeditiously to the asset manager assigned to the property.
  • We are members of the “Colorado Association of Real estate Investors”  and the “National Association of Real estate Investors” and have a very extensive database of investors looking for REO properties.

We  offer a comprehensive solution with unique marketing options that  reduce time on the market and provide services above other agents and  brokers.

Thank  you for allowing us the opportunity to present to you what we know as  being a proven marketing plan for selling REO properties in Colorado.

We  realize you have many choices in the area of REO sales and marketing  and appreciate the consideration of working for you.

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