Custom Discounted Service Plans to save you money

The Power of Knowledge is realizing your options with King Real Estate Group

King Real Estate Group provides their clients with all the services that the full-service, full-commission brokers offer, but at a fraction of the cost & with custom service and commission options.

This customizable pricing structure is one of the most important differences between King Real Estate Group and other full-service, full-commission, one-price-fits-all type brokers. Sellers only pay for the services they actually need and use. Our services plans are our Classic Program or our Full Service program. Either way you choose, it's still significantly less expensive than a full commission. Don't forget, our expert advice is always available.

Our Discounted Classic Program

With our Classic Program we List your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Our Classic program offers you the ability to List for sale either Residential or Commercial properties. King Real Estate Group saves sellers thousands of dollars in commissions.

Here is an overview:

Our lowest discounted fee for listing your property on the MLS, and hundreds of other websites is 3.8% plus a $199 upfront fee for the showing service (Compared to 7%).

Benefits of Using KRG's System:

  • Save BIG on the listing side commission (3.2% in savings).

  • Have access to KRG's professional knowledge and experience in Real Estate.

  • Get the most exposure for the least price.

  • You maintain control of the listing, cancel at any time.

  • You attract qualified buyers and get huge discounts for procuring your own buyer.

  • Get exposure to almost 40,000 real estate professionals and all the buyers for a fraction of the cost the full commission brokers charge.

  • KRG's service is available in Colorado Front Range.

  • Upgraded "Showcase" listings.

  • KRG is one of the top ranked Real Estate Brokers in the MLS.

  • Total Value of Properties Listed with KRG: Over $118 Million.

  • Total Commissions saved for KRG's customers (@3.2%): $575,000

How it works:

KRG charges 1% plus $199.00 (for showing service) to list a property including: house, condominium, co-op, multi-family building, residential or land, or commercial building for sale on the MLS or LoopNet. The listing would get FULL exposure to almost 40,000 Real Estate Professionals in the Colorado Front Range. The listing also will go onto and many other national real estate websites. All these websites pull the listings live off of the MLS.

If any agent (the procuring broker) brings a buyer and successfully closes, then at the closing the seller will pay a commission of 3.8%. The commission offered will be shown on the listing sheet. The 3.8% commission will be shared as follows: the procuring broker will earn 2.8% and KRG will earn 1%, Competitors charge 6%-7%.

Using this method, 3.2% will be saved versus using a full commission broker. Most full commission brokers charge approximately 7% to list a property, which is split between the listing broker and the buyer's broker. KRG reduces the commission on the listing side, saving sellers almost half the normal selling expense. If a property is priced at $1,000,000, then the savings would be $32,000 or a property at $400,000 the savings would be $12,800.

The listing stays on the MLS systems for as long as the seller wants and can be cancelled at any time. If the seller finds their own buyer without an agent, the non-procuring agent's portion of the commission (2.8%) will be saved. King Real Estate Group would earn only 1% in this case. Commissions are only paid on a successful closing.

All offers from other brokers will come through KRG.

Sellers must put up a KRG for sale sign which are provided free of charge.

Discounted Full Service Program

King Real Estate charges a discounted commission rate of 4.8% to list real estate for sale and provides the seller full service.

Special Note: If you bring in your own buyer you save an additional 2.8% on the buy side (you save $25,000 if your sale price was $500,000). If KRG finds the buyer, then KRG earns only 3.8% commission for the listing portion and the Buyer side of the transaction. This equates to an additional 1% in savings. Or if your sale price is $500,000 then you saved a total of $16,000 in commissions.

2.8% is offered to the Buyer's Agent and 2.0% is earned by the Listing Agent (KRG).

What we offer at 4.8%:

  • Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

  • Install a lockbox on the door.

  • Install a flyer box.

  • Set up and organize showings on behalf of the owner.

  • Follow up and create a spreadsheet of feedback from every showing.

  • At least one advertisement in The Denver Post or The Pennysaver.

  • At least one catered broker open house and one public open house.

  • Color flyers to all the local brokers.

  • Color flyers to the neighbors.

  • Negotiating services.

  • Handling and managing the sale between accepted offer and closing.

Marketing Plan:

  • Put the house on the market at a price just below a round number (i.e. $999,900).

  • List the property on the MLS systems, (giving exposure to approx. 40,000 real estate agents),, and hundreds of other websites including:,,,,,, etc.

  • Install lockbox & flyer box.

  • Distribute 30 color flyers to the closest neighbors.

  • Host a broker open house including: listing the BOH on the MLS Hotsheet &, written invitations to the local brokers, hosted & catered by listing agent & mortgage broker, follow-up with all attendees.

  • Host a public open house including: listing the POH on the MLS Hotsheet &, classified advertisement in The Denver Post or The Pennysaver, hosted & catered by listing agent & mortgage broker, follow-up with all attendees.

  • Every six weeks or so, depending on the market, number of showings, & seller motivation, lower the price by approximately 2-5% (to just below the next round number, i.e. $949,900) & host another BOH & POH.

  • Unique Secret Bonus Strategy: Offer a higher bonus commission to the buyer's broker (like 3%) for a price over a certain amount (to induce agents to show the property). Then if the offers come in too low, accept the offer but negotiate a reduction in commission to the buyer's agent to the previously offered amount (like 2.8%).